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The Blueprint to Stop Being Jealous

The Blueprint to Stop Being Jealous

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Are you ready to take control of your mind?

Christopher Morton's amazing 66-day guided therapy programmes have helped people all over the world, now he wants to help you to stop being jealous forever! Over the past 5 years Christopher Morton, Northern England's Award-Winning Master Hypnotherapist, has developed a unique approach to help people just like you.

Did you know – it takes 66 days for a new behaviour to be automatic? With a blended mix of Hypnotherapy, and scripted support from his handwritten eBook, he will support you to a healthier, happier you. Purchasing this programme will support you to stop being jealous.

Through this simple conditioning system, you can learn how to re-train your mind and body to help you in your desire to become healthier, both physically and mentally.
Committing yourself to Christopher's Blueprint to
Stop Being Jealous Programme will help you to navigate to a better place in your mind permanently. 

Our 66-day guided therapy programmes come complete with the following...
HIGH QUALITY AUDIO FILE - Spoken hypnotherapy audio from Christopher Morton. This is high quality, professional, studio recorded audio in English.

EBOOK - Written guide with 21 steps to stop being jealous (PDF format).

AFFIRMATION SCRIPT - Daily affirmation script to keep you on target to achieve your goal.

HIGH RESOLUTION SCREEN SAVER - Each blueprint has a different high-resolution screen save.

EBOOK (PRINTABLE VERSION) - Black and white (PDF) version for easy printing.

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